Airspan is a multi-award-winning 4G and 5G RAN vendor that supports cloud-native open architectures and boasts close to one million cells deployed in the most cutting-edge tier one networks and vertical applications across the globe.

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Job Ref: 1073

This is a rare opportunity to join a successful company and serve in a key role in this exciting journey.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Technological (hands-on) leadership in the field of digital communications, signal processing and real-time software implementations.
  • Lead algorithms development, learning, and innovation:
    • Research of present art.
    • Analysis of expected algorithm performance.
    • Design and implementation of simulation models in Matlab / Python / C.
    • Solutions assessment over a wide range of scenarios.
  • Manage algorithms implementation including:
    • Derivation of system requirements and software specifications into PHY Architecture definition – Software, RF, and HW.
    • PHY System design –Software and HW accelerators specification.
    • Integration with RF and HW devices
    • Optimal coding (C /C++) of RT software for a multi-processor DSP.
    • Integration and verification.
  • Introduction of best software engineering practices
  • Close collaboration with other team leaders and project peers
Desired Skills and Experience:
  • At least 5 years’ experience in developing software for complex multi-processor RT systems.
  • Significant background and a good understanding of signal processing and communications theory.
  • Experience in algorithm simulation (signal processing / digital communications).
  • Experience in fixed-point signal processors, and code optimization in C for efficient DSP instruction set architecture utilization.
  • Programming experience in Matlab and C/C++ is required.
  • Good mathematical and analytical skills and enthusiasm for problem-solving.
  • Ability to debug and test real-time DSP code using a debugger and logic analyzer.
  • 5G vRAN.
Preferred Skills:
  • Good understanding of analog radio constraints, impairments, and the ability to model them in the simulation tool and devise digital mitigation solutions.
  • Experience with Agile and continuous integration methodologies.
  • Experience in automating simulation tools using scripting is desired.
  • Experienced in defining HW accelerators specifications for a hybrid SW / HW solution.
  • Required: BSc, Electrical Engineering from a top university.
  • Preferred: MSc, or Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering. Specialization in communications systems and/or signal processing is a plus.

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